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Scholarship Program

The Zack Meservey Foundation scholarship program is open to residents of Hamilton County and neighboring counties in Tennessee who are striving to leave behind the bondage of substance abuse and addiction... to walk in the fullness of the life they were created to live.

Individuals who (a) have completed an addiction recovery program, (b) have a sponsor or mentor, and (c) are now pursuing education or training to improve their career options are eligible to apply to receive an award of up to $500 per award per year.

All applications will be reviewed and the information provided verified (i.e., contacting institution to verify scholarship candidate’s enrollment, interviewing the candidate, sponsor/mentor). Payment will be made directly to the institution on behalf of the successful scholarship candidate.

Successful candidates may re-apply twice in subsequent years if desired, for a maximum overall award of $1500. 

Applicants can submit scholarship applications by mailing to the Zack Meservey Foundation, 6186 Stoney River Drive, Harrison TN 37341. Applications can also be submitted via e-mail to:

Stories of Hope

It is difficult but not impossible to escape the snare of addiction.

Please meet some of our local heroes!

Virginia Carey

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