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Connor Hoffmann

Connor James David Hoffmann blessed us with his presence on this earth on a beautiful fall day. He was a very sweet and happy baby and filled our home with wonder and adventure, especially for his big sister. He was a busy, busy toddler and an inquisitive young child. He loved his big sister and wanted to be with her in everything she did... EVERYTHING! She was the moon and stars to him.

He was very good at every sport he tried and especially enjoyed soccer and snow skiing. He was skilled in welding and building anything that his imaginative mind would spark! His Dad introduced him to the love of tools and everything they could touch, even if not their traditional use. He wanted to be an inventor when he was growing up and took apart everything electronic, trying to create something new out of the parts. Lots of computers and microwaves were disassembled in our home and rarely put back together. He was a talented artist and crafter. We still have many of the things he created.

He was very active and integrated in our church youth group ministries. He wanted to be at the church volunteering or doing anything when there was something going on. He loved working with kids, was passionate about missions and wanted to be a Pastor. He went on several mission trips including San Diego, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

Growing up, Connor struggled with his mental health. He received a bipolar diagnosis at a very young age and we actively sought help as a family for the many issues he had arising from this challenge. He had anger issues that affected his relationships and caused him to feel alone. He struggled with bouts of very low self-esteem.

Connor never wanted drugs to be a part of his life. He first tried marijuana when he was 19. He had lost a friend group within our church that was vitally important to him and the new set of friends he found were all experimenting with drugs. Three months after he tried marijuana he dove into heavier things. He was one of those kids who was immediately addicted. He was miserable and wanted out by the time he was 21 years old. Connor went into two rehabs back-to-back. He was confident when he came out he would be OK and had beaten it, but the fact is, a 30-day rehab is never enough. The drugs were too powerful and three days out of his second rehab, he died. Connor had dreams and goals but his life was cut short.

His story doesn't end here - and never will because he is loved and missed... by his family, friends, and so many who knew him... every single day.

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